Multi-Point Inspection

Our multi-point inspection is a guarantee that our products are thoroughly tested and examined before being sold. Below is a list of the various components and checks we complete to prevent any issues when you purchase a product through us.



When testing out the power for a device, we verify the device properly boots up and shows no signs of boot issues or incorrect loading. We also test out the physical power button and confirm it is functional with no signs of damage. 


Confirming the charging port shows no signs of defect and verifying the battery symbol changes to charging when a charger is plugged in.

Fingerprint Sensor

Verifying the sensor registers a fingerprint accurately as well as making sure the button has no signs of defects.


We verify that there is no distortion in audio and confirm each speaker functions correctly by playing a wide range of audio frequency sounds. 


Confirming each one of the keys is functional and not broken or loose. We also test backlit keyboards to confirm there is uniform brightness and no signs of defects. 


Successfully connecting to a wireless network and verifying the connection is strong.

Touch Screen

Making sure there are no dead spots and testing out functions such as pinch to zoom, scrolling, force touch, multi finger functions, and rotation.


Taking multiple test photos with the device, verifying functions such as flash, aperture, video, etc.


We test various ports on the device such as USB-C, USB, HDMI, Charging Ports, SD Card Ports, Headphone Ports, etc. Contact us with the item you're looking to purchase for exactly which ports have been tested.


Verifying the microphone is functional by taking a video, using the voice assistant (Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, etc.) or recording a voice memo.


Completing pairing with the console and making sure there are no defective or sticky keys.


Similar to speakers, verifying there is no distortion in audio and the connection with the device is secure.

Dead Pixels / LCD Issues

We carefully look over the screen of each device to make sure there are no signs of discoloration or dead pixels. 

Video Games / Disc Drive

Confirming each disc properly loads into the console/product with no disc read error or signs of defect. We also examine the physical condition of each disc to make sure there are no hard scratches or signs of damage that would impact gameplay or usage. 

Blacklisted Devices

All cellular devices have a ESN (Electronic Serial Number) that corresponds with the device. We use multiple services to verify the phone is clean for activation and has not been blacklisted (reported lost/stolen). The ESN / IMEI is available upon request for any of our cellular devices. 


We use multiple methods for confirming the products we purchase are authentic and not counterfeit third party models. All products we sell are made for US use unless stated otherwise. In most circumstances, we do not purchase or sell International models for any products. 


Last Updated: December 3, 2022